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Frequently Asked Questions

1)How does ProtoGrow™ work?

ProtoGrow is a full spectrum plant support complex designed specifically for total plant health. All natural ingredients in ProtoGrow work to maximize nutritional uptake in both fruits and vegetables. ProtoGrow isn't just a new product... it's a completely new paradigm... a brand new way of thinking about plant health and plant nutrition.

By providing a balanced blend of micronutrients from seaweed extracts and macronutrients from cold water ocean fish, responsible growers can now provide comprehensive nutritional support for plant life while showing both respect and stewardship of the soil. In fact, using ProtoGrow can help remineralize your soil as well as increase micro-organism activity. (Remineralizing our soil is critical to human survival as well as plant survival.)

We feel fish emulsion is the best natural source for macro plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur (NPKS). Remember from your history books... Squanto showing the life giving "sea secret" to the Pilgrims? He knew a time tested truth that kept his tribe and the Pilgrims alive when it really mattered.

To maximize micronutrients we feel nothing exceeds sea vegetation extracts since ocean plant life is the cornerstone of our entire planets food chain. Seaweed has an amazing capacity to absorb essential nutrients, trace minerals and rare earths from the oceans rich life giving matrix. Unfortunately, many of these elements are no longer available in our soil.

ProtoGrow seems to work by providing "geometric keys" which actually have the capacity to unlock the genetic code for growth and nutritional uptake in plant life. These "keys" are the rich blend of sea nutrients which in turn provide the ultimate source of fertility for land plants. ProtoGrow is not an ordinary fertilizer. We don't even like to think of it as a fertilizer. Rather... it works to support and develop full spectrum health to plant life. Many of the trace minerals and "Rare Earths" contained in seaweed have important regulatory functions when applied to land plants, and in the animals and humans that consume the "nutritionalized" plants.

Consisting of a sixty two mineral "matrix," ProtoGrow is a very simple and effective technology designed to put essential minerals, rare earths and glyconutrients back into garden plants... especially fruits and vegetables. It's a new way of thinking about providing "life essentials" to gardens and homes.

But ultimately, ProtoGrow is not just about biochemistry. It's about the very source of life and energy itself. ProtoGrow is really about how we can all participate in bringing life and energy back from the sea to nourish the land and its people.

2)Are there any type of plants or flowers that ProtoGrow™ can not be used on?

Not to our knowledge. It can even be used on orchids.

3)Is ProtoGrow™ safe for pets (wildlife) in the yard?

Diluted ProtoGrow will not harm wildlife or pets. However, deer will actually be repelled by ProtoGrow.

4)Is ProtoGrow™ toxic to humans or animals if ingested?

Keep ProtoGrow out of the reach of small children and do not let pets drink concentrated ProtoGrow.

5)Is ProtoGrow™ good for use in both indoor and outdoor containers?

Yes, definitely.

6.)Is ProtoGrow™ good for composting?

ProtoGrow is great for all sorts of composting since it stimulates helpful bacteria development in the soil.

7.)Does ProtoGrow™ work better in some type of soils than others?

ProtoGrow is effective in all types of soil. However, the higher quality the soil, the more mineral uptake will occur.

8.)Is ProtoGrow™ safe for environmental friendly insects?


9.) Can I find ProtoGrow™ in stores?

ProtoGrow is a custom formula and only available directly from Solutions From Science.

10.) What is the shelf life of ProtoGrow™?

The shelf life of ProtoGrow™ is 4 years. You should however, avoid storing in direct sunlight or excessive heat.

11.) What does "foliar" spray mean and why is it important?

Foliar feeding is a process of spraying the fertilizer directly onto the leaves. Foliar feeding, using ProtoGrow is an extremely effective method of transferring nutrients directly to plants. Some tests have shown that an amazing 90 % of foliar fed nutrient solutions can be found in root and roothairs within 60 minutes of application. Michigan State University studies suggest foliar feeding can be up to 10 times more effective than soil feeding. Always spray leaves in the early morning or late evening when the small openings on the leaves called "stomata" are open.

12.)What types of plants absorb the minerals in ProtoGrow most effectively?

Non-hybrid plants seem to uptake minerals more readily than most hybrids in almost any variety.

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